31 in 31: Day 12

I'm up late because I ended up falling asleep for a few hours after work again. I tried to get to bed earlier last week, woke up around midnight and couldn't fall back asleep until about 2 am. I was a little groggier than usual when waking up but still managed to catch my 7:10 bus. I sometimes think of catching a later trip but traffic was at a standstill in front of the base yet again.

I wonder if this week's bad mood was caused by not having the usual alone time that the weekend gives me. For someone that needs space to retreat every once in a while, seven-hour-plus rides on crowded buses plus time visiting family doesn't really help, even though the latter also involves cat cuddles. It could also be the cumulative effects of a million other minor frustrations, real or imaginary. 

I had to pick up a bubble envelope at the Scotia Square post office the other day. I was fine going in, I was fine coming out, but somewhere in the stretch between Lawton's Drugs and the exit by the food court, I had the sudden urge to just get the hell out of there. This could all be in my head, but I felt a little dizzy and tunnel visiony. I sometimes have the same sensation at the Mumford bus terminal; occasionally it happens at the library. It would be understandable if something bad happened to me in any one of those places, but the worst I can really say about all three places is that waiting for buses at Mumford is a pain in the ass.

Today was also apparently "be bald and free day". I've been shaving my head pretty much regularly since I was 21; my hairlines started receding in my teens and the rest started to thin in university. I usually try to keep it shaved, though it grows into a Charles Emerson Winchester III puff whenever I'm not feeling up to the (minimal) time and effort it takes to clean it up. I always try to make sure I do before going to some kind of event or other outing. I just feel more like myself with the completely bald head, and the amount of upkeep it actually takes to maintain the look gives me an admiration for anyone (male or female) who commits to it. There are a lot of times when it isn't by choice, but I think the key to pulling off the look is an underlying sense of comfort with or confidence in your appearance.