Underrated Song Corner: "Build Me A Bridge"

I decided there had been too much emphasis on TV on this blog so I'm going to try to fix that by doing some music-related posts here and there.  One of the things I want to do is make posts about songs that I feel should get a little more recognition, so I'm going to start things off with a 1983 track by Adele Bertei, who has had a very interesting career not only in music but as a writer and filmmaker.  She was a player in the No Wave scene about 30 years ago with the Contortions and the Bloods.  Her lengthy and varied career in the music industry includes only one sole full album to her name as a solo artist but she appears on a number of singles as a vocalist, and collaborated with Anubian Lights a few years ago.   For more information about her long and varied career, check out this interview she did a few years back with Gene Gregorits.

"Build Me A Bridge" was produced by Thomas Dolby ("She Blinded Me With Science"); Bertei would sing backup on his "The Flat Earth" the next year.  This is from around the time that she appeared in the cult film Born In Flames.  There is a lot of synth in there, of course, but I find that stuff from around this time has this really solid sound to it, particularly in the bottom end.    Bertei's vocal performance is the real standout.