Pawnee Police Station = Mathnet HQ

I was watching the episode of Parks and Recreation "Ron & Tammy II", and noticed something about the Pawnee Police Station.  You only see it at the start of the scene when Ron Swanson and Tammy are in jail, but there's an establishing shot of the police station.

It looked very familiar.  Parks and Recreaction is shot in California, and there was another show that was shot there about 25 years earlier.  The building looks a tiny bit different (and thanks to the wonders of modern computer graphics, had "Pawnee Police Station" added to the top), but the architecture design was unmistakeable.

Yes, the Pawnee Police Station was the same building they used for exterior (and interior) shots on the Mathnet segments of Square One TV, the PBS sketch-comedy math show, at least while they were still shooting in L. A.  Remember those?

In real life, the building is the former Los Angeles Police Station No. 11 on Yost Boulevard, now the Northeast Area L. A. Police Community Service Center, and home to the L. A. Police Historical Society Museum.  The building has also been used for other TV and film productions over the years.