A listener's diary: January 2, 2012

Thoughts about the music I listen to on a given day.

The Wonderful and Frightening World of the Fall, disc 3 - The Fall This disc collects the band's assorted BBC Radio sessions done to promote the album when it was originally released in 1984.  Since the LP was one of their more "produced" efforts, it's interesting to hear the songs in a more straightforward presentation, without a whole lot of echo, effects or Gavin Friday's guest vocals.  "Copped It" has its early punkish Fall sound more apparent in this setting.

This Nation's Saving Grace, disc 2 - The Fall Like with the BBC sessions disc for the previous Fall album, this lets you hear less polished versions of tracks that would show up on the album, as well as a few that didn't make it including "Ma Riley" and Brix Smith's guitar instrumental "Edie".  I particularly liked hearing the rough "Paintwork", which on the album is a sonic collage.

Bernstein Conducts Bernstein and Gershwin: The Royal Edition (14/100) - Leonard Bernstein I'm trying to get into more instrumental music these days, and I got this as a Christmas present.  This has a little more flourish and presence to the music, either because of the 20th-century origins of the compositions or just the conducting and recording.  I haven't really developed my ear as well as I want to.  Hopefully this will help.

Jazz From Hell - Frank Zappa I've been on a Zappa kick lately.  Interesting album: it's all performed on the Synclavier except for the guitar solo "St. Etienne".  It did free him up to do more challenging compositions that the technically-accomplished musicians in his band would still have difficulty with, but the technology does sound a little dated.

I'm looking for more recommendations for music as well, especially classical music.