Another break

I'm taking another break from the SNL reviews; there are a few things I'm working on that take more priority than this side project lately.  While the process to watch, screengrab, research and write these reviews takes a little more effort than I'm willing to put into lately, I'm also waiting until I get access to some original airings of a handful of shows with missing content.

I haven't been thrilled with this season either, which seems particularly lifeless.  Jim Carrey may bring the energy level up this week, and Chris Rock / Prince is the most exciting lineup the show's had in a while, but I'm not confident either will transcend the mediocre writing that's plagued the show for six seasons.  After all, Bryan Tucker can just write "KENAN REACTS" into a script and it will likely be accepted for air.  I need the sleep anyway.

Not sure what I'm going to do for content in the meantime.  It may be time to re-evaluate my focus.