The Saturday Night Live Hall of Fame Show Reader's Poll

Due to my current contract employment coming to an end, Classic SNL Reviews will be on hiatus indefinitely while I focus on looking for (paid) work. To keep this blog updated, I've decided to hold another poll. 

The rules:

  • Each participant must submit the names of 1 host, 1 special guest, 3 musical guests, 10 cast members, and 15 writers to appear in a hypothetical 3 hour "Hall of Fame" episode of Saturday Night Live.
    • Your selections must have previously worked or appeared on the show in that role to qualify, with the exception of the special guest, who can be someone who appeared on the show in any of these roles.
    • As well, one of your cast member selections must be a former Weekend Update anchor (SNL Newsbreak and Saturday Night News anchors are also eligible). Please note your selection with a "(WU)" when submitting.
  • There will also be a "Utility" category of 5 SNL performers, writers, band or crew members who will be added to scenes on an as-needed basis, either in bit roles or background work. They may also be called upon for special skills they may add to sketches, for example, musical ability or a particular adeptness at character work, ad-libs or delivering lines. 
  • This is a ranked ballot: your selections will be awarded points based on the rank (i.e., number 1 will receive 10 points, number 2 will receive 9 points, and so on). All selections must be alive at the time of the closing date; if your selection passes away before the winners are announced, your points will transfer over to the Memorial Category.
  • Memorial Category: Submit the names of 5 deceased SNL personnel; for the purposes of this category, "SNL personnel" is defined as anyone who was in the regular employ of the show, either as a performer, writer, band or crew member. Hosts and musical guests are not eligible unless they fit that criteria. This will also be a ranked ballot.

To ensure this is a secret ballot, I will not tabulate the votes myself; a third party will evaluate all submissions and will only send me the final results once all votes are in and counted. Please submit your vote to with the subject line "SNL All Star selections". Your contact information will not be shared with myself or any other individual or organization. Only votes received directly by the contest judge will be evaluated; I will not forward your submissions to this address on your behalf.

Voting will be open from February 27, 2016 to March 26, 2016 inclusive, with the winners to be announced on April 2, 2016. Only one submission per participant will be accepted. 

This blog and poll is not affiliated with NBC, Saturday Night Live, or SNL Studios. There is no actual prize, aside from meager bragging rights for the winners.