A little vacation

I had originally wanted to get the 1984-85 season reviews started in the fall of 2016 and posted every week (aside from a small break over Christmas). Unfortunately, this was around the time I lost the motivation to write, and I didn’t get this season started until the following summer, then another long break until this past May. Since that time I’ve been considerably more prolific, not only finishing that year’s reviews, but starting on a series of posts about overlooked sketches in SNL’s history.

I was hoping to keep up a two-post-a-week schedule for a little while, but I’ve been feeling a little burnt out from the extra work this project takes and need a break from the whole process for the rest of the month. I think part of it was trying to get my most recent post on the personal blog ready by a specific date. Either way, the post about The New Show and the first of the 1985-86 reviews are still coming, but not until November; I’m taking a little time to declutter my mind and get some much-needed rest.

Speaking of the 1985-86 reviews; I’m debating tying those posts to the specific weeks they originally aired: for example, the season premiere with Madonna (originally aired November 9, 1985) would be uploaded on November 10th, and so on, with alternate SNL content like the remaining Deep Cuts lists posted on Saturdays the show had off that year. It would space out the work, but at the same time, there’s something appealing about getting this all done as quickly as possible. I still haven’t made a decision yet.

As I’ve said before, I eventually want to diversify the content of this site beyond SNL again, but don’t know exactly what would be the best form for this to take (Reviews of other sketch comedy series? Sitcoms? Music?). Any advice on a strategy for this blog would definitely be appreciated; even if you don’t have any specific recommendations regarding the direction of this site, if there are things you want me to review on my Amazon wish lists (Music, DVDs and Blu-Rays, Books, Vinyl and Box Sets), or want to send donations via Paypal to cover hosting costs, those are also welcome.