Name the SNL Extras #4

As part of my research for my reviews, I try to identify bit parts or recurring extras in sketches because they are often show staff like writers, production assistants, and even sometimes technical crew; I've helped Joel Navaroli, the webmaster of SNL Archives, fill in a lot of this information on his site. I've done several of these posts before (and am still looking for answers on the first, second, and third ones), but for the past little while, I've been re-sharing my old reviews on social media, and thought I'd try to get some names put to faces that have been bugging me since I originally wrote them. 


"Mike Wallace", 60 Minutes (Karen Black / Cheap Trick, Stanley Clarke Trio): I'm surprised they used non-cast for prominent speaking roles in this sketch, the most prominent of which also being the hardest to identify.


"Dr. J", ChapStick (Bill Murray / Delbert McClinton): Just a small speaking part, and the show's black castmember (Eddie Murphy) was already playing Sammy Davis Jr.


Jim Deacon, "No Sex With Mary" (Bill Murray / Delbert McClinton): This guy shows up in a lot of 1980-81 shows, and I have him listed in my notes as "Dennis" based on information provided by Ferris Butler, who wrote for that season (he admitted his own memory of the guy's name was faint). This is his only speaking role (his sole line: "No.")


Audience member #2, "Reach Out" (Lauren Hutton / Rick James & The Stone City Band): This extra plays an accented sweatshop worker who asks Brooke Shields (Mary Gross) and Cheryl Tiegs (Christine Ebersole) a question about an issue at her job.

The rest of the 1984-85 reviews will resume on May 26, 2018. Keep checking for other content on this blog as well.