Looking for original SNL airings from 1985-86


Since I've restarted my reviews for 1984-85, I may as well get this out of the way before it's time to delve into the following season in the fall. The next year is a major turning point for SNL as Lorne Michaels returned to produce the show, but it's also the point where the repeat broadcasts began to have a much higher level of post-production editing: more technical errors were fixed, audience response was sometimes added, portions or whole sketches were replaced with dress rehearsal takes, and sometimes original material was even added to the repeat. As well, the edited repeats are the versions of the show that most cable and NBC All Night reruns are sourced from.  I've written about these changes before here and here.

I have about half the shows from this year from original airings, and all of them from the repeat airings. I am aware of major segment replacements or omissions in the shows, but would like to be able to track any dress rehearsal changes or other post-production on individual sketches. I can still review the shows without this information, but the amount of editing done to this particular season is quite extensive, and I feel that these changes give a more complete picture of each show.

If anyone has a copy of the following shows from their original NBC broadcast, please contact me. My preference would be that these episodes have already been transferred from tape to DVD. Shows with asterisks (*) are higher priority; the shows without asterisks were not repeated by NBC that summer and later airings (Comedy Central, Comedy Network, NBC All Night) did not have the extensive post-production editing the rest of the season had.

11/16/85 Chevy Chase / Sheila E.*
12/21/85 Teri Garr / The Dream Academy, The Cult
01/18/86 Harry Dean Stanton / The Replacements
02/08/86 Ron Reagan / The Nelsons*
03/15/86 Griffin Dunne / Rosanne Cash
03/22/86 George Wendt & Francis Ford Coppola / Philip Glass*
04/12/86 Oprah Winfrey / Joe Jackson
04/19/86 Tony Danza / Laurie Anderson*
05/17/86 Jimmy Breslin / Level 42, E.G. Daily*
upgrades welcome
11/23/85 Pee-Wee Herman / Queen Ida* (looking for copy w/o/c with music intact)

As well, if anyone can confirm details such as sketch writing credits or background extra IDs, I welcome this information.