A list of SNL Deep Cuts: Introduction

A few years ago, there were a few lists of lesser-known or oddball SNL sketches. AV Club had a list of 10-to-1 sketches five years ago, Splitsider had their list around the time of the show's 40th anniversary special; it was interesting to see sketches other than "More Cowbell" or the well known recurring characters get their due, but there was only so much of SNL's rich, varied history each list could cover. 

In addition to my weekly reviews of the 1984-85 season, I've decided to post a second weekly series highlighting some of the unsung sketches throughout SNL's long history. I kept a very loose criteria for these lists: no recurring sketches, and no particularly iconic one-offs (that is, anything that's permeated the general pop-culture consciousness). This is also not meant to be considered a list of "all time great deep cut" sketches; while many of these sketches are underrated, some were included for WTF value, elements that you don't really see on the show anymore, or any other reason they stand out.

Each week (ideally on Wednesday, but sometimes life gets in the way), I will be posting a list of 25 sketches from each 5 year block of the show's history (five sketches per season), a description of the sketch, and what about it that's worth checking out. I'm still unsure whether I will be going past 2005 in this series; the introduction of digital shorts, Youtube and online streaming affected the show in a few ways, and the show's hidden gems after this point aren't particularly "hidden" anymore. 

Stay tuned next week for my list of deep cuts from the original cast era!