Name the SNL extras (and guests) #3

 As part of my research for the SNL Archives, I go through old episodes to see if I can identify writers, crew, and various other production staff, especially if they are used prominently in sketches.  I've posted a few times before to see if I can get some help identifying them (so far I was able to get IDs for writers Paul Barrosse, costume designer Karen Roston, and talent executive Laurie Zaks; there are still a few I haven't identified yet.  Check out out the first and second posts).  I was wondering if anyone reading can confirm the identities of some of these staffers (and guests):

Dark-haired female staffer: She can be seen wishing Michael Keaton luck at the beginning of the October 30, 1982 show.  It looks a tiny bit like Laurie Zaks going by the picture from the Casablanca sketch later that season (she's the one playing Julia Louis-Dreyfus' lesbian skier girlfriend); not entirely sure though.

Gary and Eddie's Hookers: From "Why?" sketch in the Ron Howard episode (October 9, 1982).  They used up the full female cast on three roles.  I'm assuming they're either writers or PAs that got roped into appearing on camera.

Dr. Robert Levine: Joel from the SNL Archives is quicker to include a non-cast if they end up portraying a real person on the show, and this commercial parody made fun of Mary Tyler Moore's recent marriage to a much-younger man.

Clamdigger #1: From "A Roy Orbison Christmas" sketch (December 21, 1985).  The other three are (left to right) Terry Sweeney, Lanier Laney and Robert Downey Jr.  I'm trying to figure out who the guy on the far left is.

Older man onstage during goodnights: Same show as above.