I've had a few different websites in the past 15 years, including a period where I had about five different pages going at the same time.  There were the private blogs where I could be as unfiltered as I wanted to be and sometimes share a little too much.  One blog that started with a pop culture focus eventually turned into my "SNL Reviews" blog.  I had also attempted a photoblog and a space for my creative writing, but neither were focused, consistently updated, nor of particular note.

The trouble with having so many sites is that I never really knew which one I felt the most representative of myself.  The target audiences for each didn't overlap, and I also I couldn't fully navigate between the honesty of anonymity and my desire to connect with others.

In 2012 I bought this domain with the intention of making it my "professional" site when my writing or photography took off.  It was pretty bare bones page with little content aside from a blog, a portfolio, and links to some of my writing that was already available.  I still kept the other blogs as side projects, but by the end of the year I felt fatigued with the whole concept of blogging.  Everything I posted lately seemed to ring hollow: feel good posts that didn't really say anything about who I was.  

Much of what I wrote was motivated primarily by getting traffic and feedback which never really came.  Being overly aware of your audience tends to have that effect.  I have the problem of always being in a rush to have a completed product ready to share with others.  This plagues my writing and photography, and while I enjoy the editing/tinkering process more than I realize, I'm impatient to get feedback, or, at the very least, attention.

I took a few months off; ostensibly to rediscover my writing voice.  I got impatient to post again, but a few months after I resumed posting content, I felt constricted by the spaces I built.  I took a few more months off to decide where I want to go with my web presence.

I hope to achieve three things with this new space:

  1. Have an attractive professional web space under my own name.
  2. Provide examples of my work as a writer and photographer.
  3. Regularly provide new, meaningful content.

I'm still in the process of putting all the pieces together, but every website I've admired has been able to meet these goals while their authors underwent their own stylistic and personal evolution.

I'm interested in pursuing freelance writing and photography opportunities, and this website exists as a means to that end.  Please feel free to comment on my posts or e-mail me if my skills can be used for your organization; I also invite my readers to offer constructive feedback and interesting discussion.