Current projects

I've been surprisingly busy this last month; in addition to my full-time job, I've been working on a few things in my free time, including a collaborative project that my friend and I have been planning for a little more than a year.  The past few weekends have also been comparatively busy with some parties, spontaneous outings and a little live music.  That said, I've also been recovering from that extra activity; I consciously spent most of last weekend laying low, and until I get a bump in my cash flow, the next month will probably be considerably less eventful. 

I have a few short-term goals for this site, which I'm going to work on in the coming days and weeks as my schedule, energy level and priorities permit:

  • Complete my photography portfolio to include more of my urban and landscape photography.
  • Regular but high-quality updates.  I've done too many "marking time" posts in the past just so I could say that I've updated the blog, and want to avoid filler as much as I can.  I plan on writing more about events and different places in Halifax.
  • Import the better content from my old pop-culture blog, specifically the reviews of the 1980-82 Saturday Night Live episodes; I plan on keeping this content in a separate section of this site so I don't clog the main blog feed with such arcane trivia. 

My long-term goals will begin to evolve as soon as I'm back in the rhythm of tinkering with and updating the site.  The next few months are going to involve some shifts in my life, but once I have a better idea how everything falls into place from there, I'm going to be able to make a few more solid plans.