30 in 30: Day 6

Sorry this came in a little bit after midnight, but it's at least done before I go to bed, so it still counts, right? It's at least before midnight in Winnipeg.

I decided I would try to write something a little earlier during my breaks at work about my perceived lack of meaningful conversations, but the whole thing came off as a little too abstract for my liking. I didn't really feel what I was writing, and really only had the vaguest outline of the idea without exploring further whether this would be a good topic to write about. I'm also still in the process of figuring out how "naked" I'm going to allow myself to be in these blogging exercises. 

I had to go to the NSLC to buy some beer for tomorrow night, and that reminded me of a particular headache of living in this city: the public transit system. I live on the outskirts of both Clayton Park and Fairview, right near where a lot of new condos and McMansions have been built over the past five years. I'm fairly close to a bus stop, but the area itself isn't particularly walkable, nor is the bus service that frequent. The way the bus service works in my neighborhood is that there are two routes that run a block away from each other near my building, but hit the same terminals and follow (mostly) the same path once they get onto Joseph Howe Drive...however, the routes cut back to once an hour after 7pm or so, with each running a half hour apart from each other. It's also a long and convoluted route if you're taking the full trip from Clayton Park or Fairview to the North End or downtown...it can take about 45 minutes to get downtown from my place. While there are limited stop express routes that take a more direct path to and from the city core, those only run during rush hour. The bus service is one reason why I don't go out as much as I want to.

I suppose there are always things to talk about, but the question is whether it's the right time. I have to get to bed soon, so I don't think I'll say anything more tonight.