Winter's over

It's been a little while, so let's catch up.

I had a photo shoot this past weekend, and a few more scheduled over the next few weeks; these are "freebies" I offered friends and followers to get myself back into practice with the camera. I haven't taken pictures with the Canon for a little while, mostly on account of the horrible weather that kept blasting Halifax for two months since the end of January. There were a few particularly brutal storms, including one in mid-March that effectively shut down the city. The city also has been dealing with issues with regard to snow and ice removal on the sidewalks, as well as melt-and-freeze cycles, so a lot of the sidewalks have been icy at best, inaccessible at worst. I know a few people who've suffered broken bones on account of this, so the last thing I wanted to do was attempt a balancing act with a bunch of camera equipment on hazardously slick sidewalks just to make it to a bus stop.

Between reading a few blog posts and a few conversations I've had with a co-worker, I've been thinking a lot about travelling again. The last real trip I took was about three years ago to my friend's wedding in Toronto, and I haven't really gone anywhere since I've moved to Halifax, aside from a few trips a year to my parents' place in Miramichi. That's going to change at the end of June when I'll go to New York City for the first time. It will just be brief, but NYC has been on my to-visit list for quite a while now, and I'm glad to finally be getting out into the wider world outside the Halifax to Miramichi corridor.

I'm thinking this space needs a bit of a change, at least on the visual front. Most importantly, I'm going to post content at least once a week apiece on both the main blog and Existentialist Weightlifting (the pop culture blog).  At the bare minimum, look for content on this particular blog every Tuesday and on Existentialist Weightlifting on Saturdays.