Some changes

When I first moved my blogs over to Squarespace about two years ago, my plan was to make an all-in-one website for my writing, photography and various blogs. I've been blogging in some shape or form for about 15 years now; the novelty of having some corner of the internet to spout opinions or share whatever details of your life you're willing to divulge isn't quite was it was then, but I've always admired the craft and candor that blogging allows for, especially in this age of clickbait and instant gratification social media posts. I also wanted to finally claim authorship on my Classic SNL reviews, which generated considerably higher traffic than any of my other blogging endeavors; by rolling them into this site, I figured that I'd at least lure people in with the reviews, and if they were curious enough, they'd find the other parts. I bristle a little at being pigeonholed as the "SNL guy", but I know other fans of the show appreciate the work I put into my reviews, and this project has put me into contact with a few people connected with the show. Writing these reviews also helps me get around spells of writer's block.

I had been dissatisfied with how the site looked for some time, though. I love Squarespace, and the template options seem to fit my intentions for this page better than the ones on Wordpress, but the particular template I had been using for the last few years didn't quite do it for me.  Maybe part of it was that I don't have the custom coding or design knowledge to make everything look amazing. In any case, the site just felt like I had made a tiny bit of effort at the beginning, but stopped bothering once I learned the most rudimentary aspects of design. I never really liked how the banner on this blog looked either.  After doing a little research, I finally found another template that brought me closer to what I had hoped to do all that time ago. 

I'm still playing around with a few elements of this site. My bio is still very slim, the personal blog needs a better title than "main blog", and the photography portfolio needs updating. I don't want to promise a rigid schedule for new content on the blogs, but expect more frequent updates on both; I now have RSS feeds for both blogs that you can access by clicking "subscribe". I hope to eventually get back to non-SNL posts on Existentialist Weightlifting, but I'm committed to reviewing the rest of the 1983-84 and 1984-85 seasons; there could be other types of reviews in the future. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I hope you like the new look.