Real talk

My brain’s been feeling off again this week. I’m not sure if the trigger is external or internal, but some familiar feelings started to creep back in last night: one minute I’m eating stew I made in the slow cooker, the next I feel emotional heaviness I haven’t felt in a long time.

I hate when I get to the point where I actually want to reach out and connect with someone but am too tired to function properly, let alone hold conversation. I also hate when my body won’t let me get anything accomplished because my mind is too foggy to concentrate on a given task or (even more annoyingly), half-starts a few different things at the same time but loses the plot sometime before I remember why I’m doing a specific thing, and I drive myself to distraction trying to figure out what it is I was trying to work on.

Perhaps all I need is a better night’s sleep, but I think I could use some kind of acknowledgement that I’m being seen and heard sometimes.