Two coffee day


This week seemingly went by pretty fast, at least compared to last week, but I was pretty tired for most of the day (even after a second coffee); I went home immediately after work, and crashed for two hours after I got in the apartment. I know I don’t get enough sleep most nights, but this morning I had more trouble getting started than usual. I usually prefer to get out the door to catch the early bus downtown; I prefer that one because it’s less crowded, there’s more of a time buffer in case traffic is heavy (I hate being late, especially due to circumstances I can’t control) and it gives me more time to get my morning coffee. This morning, though I needed the extra ten minutes.

My dreams have been more vivid lately, even though the bulk of them still dissipate from my memory by the time I’m in the shower every morning. It also feels like a lot of them are repeats; I don’t think about it when I’m in the middle of them, but I often get a sense of deja vu from the dreams’ setting or plot. Most of the other players in my dreams are family members, and the most common threads seem to be either frustrated travel plans or trying to corral a number of our cats past and present; sometimes the two combine. I also have dreams I’m still working in a call center (six years of working in them will do that to you, even if you haven’t worked in one in even longer a period of time) or for a previous boss from another job. Lately I’ve noticed a lot of them involve scenarios where I have trouble climbing stairs or have to squeeze through a space that is too small for it to be physically possible. Dreams that involve other people also linger in the memory longer, especially if they’re friends or loved ones I haven’t seen in years.

I’d love to remember more of my dreams to the point where I’d be able to write fiction based on them, but I don’t know how much justice my faint memory can do to the specific details my brain cooks up while I’m asleep. I posted about one I had last March and I’ve logged a few remembered images in my bullet journal (which has fallen by the wayside lately), but wonder how well I would be able to flesh them out into a coherent narrative.

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