A strange dream I just had

I'm trying to write down the various dreams I've been having lately. The images are sometimes so vivid and I don't want them to dissipate back into my subconscious, but if there's an emotional aspect, I also want to keep track of that. I actually just had one such dream this evening during a nap:

I show up at work, which doesn’t resemble my actual workplace in the least; for some reason the boss never bothers to show up so we all decide to depart early. Some of us aren't worried about the future of our jobs, some of us are. I end up taking public transit home; in this dream, it's a train, which is odd because Halifax doesn't have commuter rail. The city also appears to be a mixture of North End Halifax (specifically, Young and Robie) and Winnipeg (specifically, the western part of Portage Avenue, but more run down looking). A number of people I know are on this train (I will obscure their identities); A is in front in a separate section, I see B and C in other seats close by, and D is sitting in the back row, reading. The latter person’s presence upsets me. I glance back periodically, hoping she doesn't notice me, but I'm also trying to resist the urge to point her out to the other people I know on the train, partially so they would know why I’m so agitated, and partially because I suspect they would all instantly fall in love with her. 

A has a record player on the train, and he has a lot of really bad CanCon and Christian discs that he is listening to in order to make fun of. One record is an obscure guy from Bathurst who looks like He-Man, and yet his songs are played every day on the radio to meet CRTC guidelines; I also spot a couple of Psalty the Singing Songbook LPs in the stack. He also has a Brian Eno Ambient album for some reason (on white vinyl); it’s a clear choice as to what both of us want to listen to. B and C get off the train in North End Halifax, I’m supposed to get off next but don’t, due to a combination of not wanting to go home, wanting to find something to eat (but still worrying about the cost), and curiousity about how long I can ride without D noticing me. I deliberately go as far as I can; there is a long stopover by a Pizza Hut, but I find myself waiting for A and D to leave, and end up at what used to be Unicity Mall in Winnipeg.

There is a used record store. There wasn’t one in the mall, but I’m looking through the stock to see if there’s anything there. There are a few cassettes here in there, some in broken cases. A lot of blank tapes for some reason, but mostly late 90s designs. Like in most of my record store dreams, the stock shifts around, titles disappear, and such. My cell phone battery is about to die, but I’m still shaken by the train encounter, and post that I’m in “a mood”. Eventually, the store gets set on fire, though I don’t know if it was me or someone else who did it; that turns out to be a moot point, though, because the record store destruction portion of the dream turns out to be a sketch by The State.

If any of you armchair psychologists have theories about the symbolism of this dream, take a crack in the comments.