A million things to do, a million other places to go

Something I hope to be more present to enjoy while I still can.

Something I hope to be more present to enjoy while I still can.

I finally updated the site to have a general "home" page whenever people visit using just the domain name; as much as I liked tricking people who mainly come here for the SNL reviews into reading some of my personal writing, I wanted to make a better first impression. I still want to update and improve the portrait galleries on the site, particularly because most of the shots are at least several years old now. I may put the "Crossing Paths with Good Folks" project here in the future, but I'm getting too far ahead of myself.

Yes, August was a bit of a write-off. I felt my schedules slipped a little too much, other tasks were neglected and I didn't get as much accomplished as I wanted to. I'm planning to limit my social media intake in September; I'm just not feeling like I'm using it to connect so much as pass the time, as much as I want the opposite to be true. I won't go cold turkey (I still want to get traffic to those SNL posts when they go up), but I can feel the addiction creeping in again, especially for news developments or other diversions, and would rather just focus on the business of living my life instead of making noises or putting on a show to keep the interest of friends and followers alike. It's not another depression, but I need a break from the constant feed of news that makes me angry and the sense that I'm saying nothing but very loudly and repetitively. It keeps me too far into my own head to truly observe or experience my surroundings, and I just want to clear my mind, recenter myself, read a few books, eat some good food, tackle a few things on my "need/want to do" list and be able to enjoy this next little while.

I'll still have some new SNL content throughout the coming month, but the personal blog's going to lie fallow for a little bit, at least until I can find new stories and the right words to tell them. In the meantime, I'll direct you to some other sites of interest, including a few friends and many other blogging role models. I apologize if some of these pages are only sporadically updated, but I think they have writing worth sharing:

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I do appreciate when people take the effort to send me e-mail, so if you're feeling the urge to respond to any of my posts or just say hello, please feel free to drop me a line.